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  /  Paško Pajdek

Paško Pajdek

Head of Engineering at Mediatoolkit

Paško is the Head of Engineering at Mediatoolkit with 10 years’ experience in developing software, leading technical teams and scaling products – form start-up days to global success!

His engineering career started at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing where he has graduated in the Computer Science field.

In the last year of his studies, Paško started to work on the project that will be later known as Mediatoolkit. During the span of 10 years, he executed formal roles of Software Developer, Development team lead, Head of Product and Head of Engineering and many informal ones in the mission of scaling product and growing product and engineering teams.

Mediatoolkit was launched in 2014 by Degordian, an independent digital production & marketing agency with 8 years of experience in creating award-winning digital products. Due to rapid growth, they began operating as a separate company in 2016. Mediatoolkit is solving the problem of finding meaningful business information by building a global media monitoring, analytics & management solution with top-notch customer support that is easy to use for everyone. It is a media monitoring & analytics tool that gathers information from millions of internet sources and notifies customer in real time when someone mentions their brand, company or competitors.

PRESENTATION: Overnight Success? A Story of 10 Years of Product Development Challenges

With his focus set on building software that is highly performant, and also made to last, he was in many situations where decisions had to be made with direct impact to the product, business and teams I was working with. Not every decision was ideal one, but valuable business lessons were learned as a side-effect. In the talk Paško will address most impactful decisions that shaped Mediatoolkit from start-up days to globally successful SaaS software.