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  /  Nikola Škorić

Nikola Škorić

Founder and CEO of Croatian company Electrocoin
Nikola Škorić is the founder and CEO of Electrocoin, a Croatian cryptocurrency exchange company, and crypto brokerage and payment processor. He graduated in computer science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb and passed the license for reactor operator. After 7 years of experience in the nuclear industry, in 2014, he founded Electrocoin, intending to enable simple, legal, and professional bitcoin trading in Croatia.
Electrocoin has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange office in Croatia and has expanded its business to the entire European Union. In addition to trading in virtual currencies, it also enables traders to receive payments in cryptocurrencies while HRK (Croatian kuna) is credited to their accounts through the PayCek system.
Electrocoin d.o.o. has many strategic partners that make their service available in all parts of Croatia. Their exchange services are available in 55 branch offices of the Croatian Post and 80 physical exchange offices. They enable payment in cryptocurrencies at several hundred payment points, including some gas stations and the most famous Croatian webshop bazaar.hr.
WORKSHOP: How do you build a crypto company and why would you?
We founded a crypto brokerage and payment processor in Croatia and it grew into fastest growing SME in Croatia and 6th fastest growing tech company in South Eastern Europe. Through this workshop I will give answer to some of the following questions: How and why did we do it? What lessons we learnt along the way? And… what now? Where do we go from here? What is the future of crypto?