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  /  Manuel Chaufrein

Manuel Chaufrein

CEO and Founder of AVAIRX

Manuel Chaufrein is the CEO and founder of the strategic consulting firm AVAIRX and VP Innovation of its subsidiary PlugGo Mobility S/A BRASIL.

With 28 years of experience and an international track record, Manuel is a senior expert consultant in emerging, non-conventional and innovative mobility planning and transport urbanism in complex environments.

He received a master’s in International Business from Essec Business School in France with Fachhochschule Regensburg Germany and a master’s degree in applied languages, European economics and Law from Paris Nanterre University and the Westminster University London UK. In 2019, he certified at the EPFL for Mobility Planning and Mobility Urbanism in Switzerland.

Since its creation in 2012 by Manuel Chaufrein, AVAIRX is a consulting firm specialising in the planning and urban planning of emerging and innovative transport systems.

WORKSHOP: Reshaping markets with Innovation

At this workshop, Manuel will teach you how can cutting-edge technologies distrupt and reshape certain markets. As a founder of his company AVAIRX, he will talk to you about latest transport solutions, such as autonomous and electric vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles. Manuel will share his consulting experience and talk to you about new ways of thinking in business. Are you ready for the future?