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European Young Engineers (EYE) is an international non-profit organisation (est. 1994) comprising more than 20 European countries that represents about 500,000 young engineers from multiple disciplines.

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What is the conference duration?

The 2 day conference consist of Saturday and Sunday event. Saturday event will be the longest one and will be available for all participants. Sunday event is EYE Council meeting and it’s not available for all participants. For more info please contact us.

How to buy a conference ticket?

Conference ticket can be bought through our store. We accept Paypal payments and the whole process is really simple. If you have and problem during the process please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How I will access the conference link?

Conference will be held on Airmeet platform and links for the access to the platform will be sent to your email 5 days before the conference.

Can I access the conference platform using different devices?

Yes, you can access the conference platform on any device except washing machine and refrigerator. Sorry, we cannot support all devices. 🙂

What I pay in the price of the conference?

Money from your ticket will pay conference platform, studio, videos and everything except wages. Our team is volunteering and they will not use money for personal or other purposes. If you wan’t to get more info how we spend the conference money please don’t hesitate to contact us, the whole organisation is transparent and we wan’t to be sure that you know where your money goes.

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