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European Young Engineers (EYE) is an international non-profit organisation (est. 1994) comprising more than 20 European countries that represents about 500,000 young engineers from multiple disciplines.

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Online conference 1 Day Online conference organized by European Young Engineers Croatia. October 16, 2021. REGISTER NOW Media sponsorship A Unique Conference. First conference in Croatia organized by EYE Croatia. Follow us and find more info about program and tickets.
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Why are we organizing the conference?

Today, the world is more than ever in need of highly skilled engineers. If we want to make our young engineers grow together, we need to connect them and share their experiences. No matter your profession, you have the opportunity to listen to fantastic engineering success stories, participate in workshops held by the most successful Croatian engineers and join discussions both with them and other participants. We want to present to you great people and companies which made a remarkable impact both in Croatian and European markets. Visiting this conference allows you to gather beautiful memories, have interesting conversations with other engineers, get new information and explore Croatian culture, all while having fun! We want to empower you through engineering!

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Croatian contribution to engineering

Learn about Croatian engineers, engineering companies and how Croatia helped with innovations we use every day

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You'll Fall In Love With The City .

Even if the conference will be online, meet Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia. We hope that you will visit Zagreb one day, until then, check some basic info about Croatia and Zagreb.